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Is It True That Golfer Mickelson Has an Illegitimate Child?
Wholesale golf clubs USA / 2012-02-03

According to the official website report of the U.S. Golf Channel, Mickelson has sued a Canadian network provider, trying to find the malicious Internet users who spread his message on Internet. The Internet users have spread rumors that Mickelson has an illegitimate child outside and he is infidelity to his wife with a mistress.

                                                       Phil Mickelson and his happy family

Phil Mickelson has sued against the network provider Videotron at the Quebec Superior Court who aims to identify a few accounts in Yahoo or the real name of Internet users to publish the rumors. Mickelson has issued a subpoena to Yahoo through the San Diego Superior Court and he has got the IP address behind these vicious Internet users.


According to the lawsuit filed by Phil Mickelson, "These posts show that the plaintiff has a child out of wedlock and his wife derailment and similar disturbing words. These are false, simply, which are vicious." Since this rumor has been proved is false, the public should give back the truth to Mickelson. Best wishes to golf player Mickelson and his family.

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